Camp Wood – Woodland Crafts and Rural Skills Centre

Scrub and Ride Clearance Herefordshire

As part of our low impact management of Camp Wood we are using a forestry mulching flail to open up areas of scrub and overgrown rides. The Seppi Miniforst mulching flail will handle anything from bramble to 3″ diameter trees and is a valuable tool for promoting biodiversity. Mulching offers a low cost method for clearing unwanted vegetation, without the need for burning. The Miniforst is driven by our alpine tractor, coping with steep, muddy rides and scrub areas easily. Areas that we were previously unable to manage due to the impenetrable scrub and brambles are now being opened up encouraging a wealth of wild flowers, insects and invertebrates. The mulcher leaves behind a coarse mulch which can be left to rot back into the soil. Devon Wildlife Trust is currently using this type of set up to encourage farmers to manage areas of habitat where conventional agricultural tractors would cause damage. A report on local devon news also reported that Natural England areĀ  interested in the use of alpine tractors for use on sensitive sites. We are now offering scrub clearance and ride clearance services to local farms and woodlands. If this is a service that would be of use to you, please contact us for further information. Please click on the blue linksĀ  to view a video to see what this machine is capable of. Seppi Miniforst on YouTube