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Firewood Guide

Camp Wood Firewood

firewood-200.jpgAt Camp Wood we produce a large amount of firewood as a byproduct of the silvicultural management of the woodland. We also source firewood from other local sustainably managed woodlands and offer free local delivery. We are happy to offer free advice on burning firewood. Unless previously agreed with the customer, all our firewood is split and seasoned hardwood logs.

Burning wood is a bit of an art. If you are new to wood burning or have a new stove, it will take time and practice before you will get the best results. The efficiency of one wood stove to the next can vary greatly and you should try to get some professional independent advice and research the possibilities before installing a wood burner. The most efficient wood burning stoves will be around 70% efficient, whereas an open fireplace may be as low as 35% efficient.

The most important quality for good firewood is it’s moisture content. The more water your firewood contains, the more heat will be used to drive that water out leaving less heat to heat your house. It is therefore important to ensure a good supply of seasoned (dried) logs. You will therefore either need to buy logs ready seasoned or better still, buy firewood at least a year in advance to stack and dry for the following year. How long the logs need to be stacked to become fully seasoned varies from one species to another. Oak for example should have a minimum of two years seasoning before burning, where as Ash can be ready in less than a year. You will also need a log store big enough to accomodate your seasoned and seasoning logs.

Firewood comes in a confusing array of measurements (by the load, the ton, the cubic metre). The best way to compare firewood loads is to find out the volume of the container it is being delivered in, whether that is a trailer, pick-up or bulk builder’s bag. Once you have that information you can calculate how much you are paying per cubic metre. For instance, if you buy 1.2 cubic metres for £75 simply divide 75 by 1.2 =£62.50 per cubic metre.
Our firewood comes in .75 cubic metre vented log sacks at a cost of £65. This includes free local delivery. We can either tip the logs or, since the sacks are vented the logs can be kept in the sacks.

firewood calculation chart

Use the link above to calculate your woodfuel consumption and costs compared to other fuels.